A Picture is Worth…

I am often asked “where should I spend my marketing dollars to get the greatest return?”  My pat answer is “it depends”.  …and it does.  It depends upon your geography, your target market, your budget and all the other key elements a professional marketer considers when developing a marketing plan.  But, I always recommend that you spend money on professional photography… and I will amend that to include videography, as well.

The advent of the digital camera has everyone considering themselves a “professional photographer”.  They are wrong.  I spend more time relighting (to the best of my ability) and straightening photographs my clients have taken themselves.  These are photographs that they intend to place on their websites, in print ads, on TV commercials and in other marketing venues to highlight their skills as designers and remodelers.  In many cases, all the images do is distract from the design while highlighting an inability to shoot a quality photograph.  Spring for the additional cash outlay to have your photographs taken by professionals, it’s worth the investment. 

If you have quality images, consider the ways you can employ them in your showroom marketing.  On your website, your Facebook page, in TV commercials, YouTube postings, showroom presentations, vehicle signage, showroom photos, print ads, printed and electronic collateral materials and frankly, anywhere a picture is worth a thousand words and can highlight your skills as a kitchen and bath design professional.

And video… with the advent of Google TV, the popularity of YouTube and the ease at which video can be accessed online and via mobile apps, consider hiring a professional to videotape walk-throughs of your favorite projects, your showroom, a difficult installation – well, you get the point. 

Remember, you see a lawyer when you need a legal advice, you see a doctor for medical help, you hope your clients come to you for your expertise as a kitchen and bath designer/remodeler – seek a professional for your photography, videography and marketing!

If you are looking for addition marketing tips for the kitchen and bath professional visit KitchenMarketing.com


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