The Kitchen & Bath Channel: An Update

It’s been about month since I launched the Kitchen and Bath Channel on YouTube and I want to revisit the concept with the specific intention of gaining additional subscribers and a larger selection of videos.   So, if you are in the kitchen and bath industry, or know consumers who love watching HGTV, DIY and the Food Network please pass the blog along to them – let’s test the viral capabilities of the Internet!

Since July 24, the Kitchen & Bath Channel has received a total of 769 visits with 442 videos viewed; that’s just over 27 visits and almost 16 views each day… not too shabby, but we can do better.  We have 13 videos from 7 different companies, and are being found primarily through links to the page and YouTube searches.

The Concept: The Kitchen & Bath Channel is a destination for consumers looking for designers, ideas, innovations, new products and more.  The intent of the Kitchen & Bath Channel on YouTube is to collect an array of kitchen and bath industry related videos – from showrooms, designers, manufacturers, and more to “whet the appetite” of the consumer.  The more videos we have, the easier we will be found!  As the Kitchen & Bath Channel gains popularity, all participants will benefit.

…enter Google TV… as Google TV takes hold in the coming months, The Kitchen & Bath Channel will be live in living rooms throughout the US, Canada and the world!  Wouldn’t you like to be part of that?

Visit The Kitchen & Bath Channel to subscribe.  If you have a video to add, contact me directly (  If you need some assistance producing a video for the channel, Z promotion & design can work with you on that too – email or call me (919-932-4600).

But most importantly, pass this information along to your friends…  I’ll give you updates in coming weeks.

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