Let’s Call it Gilligan’s Marketing –

gilligans island marketingHave you ever compared your kitchen and bath business to the adventures of Gilligan, the Skipper and the rest of the gang on the classic 60s sitcom “Gilligan’s’ Island”?  Didn’t think so, but it is an interesting analogy, if you bear with me.  And for those of you too young to appreciate the comparison… read on anyway!

Think of your kitchen and bath showroom as an island in a sea of potential customers.  There were times you felt stranded on that island, and like “the Professor”, used all your creative [and marketing] resources to grab a passer-by’s attention.   You employed every form of outgoing marketing and advertising you could – TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, home shows, direct mail, even yellow pages – just to cajole a customer to your island.

Eventually, although it took a made for TV movie sequel, the gang from Gilligan’s Island was rescued, employing science and technology (details on Wikipedia).  To make a long story longer and add another made for TV movie sequel (or two) – the castaways end up back on the island, only this time it becomes a resort where visitors find them.

…and now, back to our analogy…

Technology came to your rescue at the height of the economic downturn … in the form of smart phones, mobile devices, social media and the convergence of it all!  The Professor would be lovin’ it!

Your showroom is still an island in a sea of potential customers, but now they are searching you out.  They are “Googling” you, searching for you on apps, looking for your social media links, unearthing your blogs and researching as much as they can, just to find you.

Can you be found?

Shopping has changed.  By the time a customer shows up in your showroom, they are yours to lose.  They have done their research, they know you, and they are ready to work with you – just as long as you measure up to what they found during their due diligence.

Your marketing needs to change to keep up.  You still need to employ outgoing marketing efforts, but you also need to create an incoming marketing strategy.  For the kitchen and bath professional, that means reallocating your resources (personnel and cash) and developing an integrated marketing program.

Are you ready for the challenge today? …or do you need a few made for TV movie sequels to benefit from your rescue?


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