Power of the Press

September 19, 2010

Kudos to Kitchen & Bath Design News – they picked up my press release.  In case you missed it – here is the link and turn to page 19 – it is about the Kitchen & Bath Channel on YouTube.  In just a few days the visits increased by more than 1000 and the views were up by the dozens.  And that doesn’t account for the calls and emails to my office – very impressive.

Thank you KBDN!

But the point of this posting, in addition to the blatant self-promotion, is to help illustrate the power of a well placed, interesting press release that touches your audience.  It can turn into sales – or at least inquiries.

A now-retired kitchen and bath professional in the Chicago area loved to relate her story to me.  It seems she had a professionally written press release sent to a community newspaper upon opening her business.  It was picked up by the newspaper, then by the other area newspapers and finally The Chicago Tribune (if I am not mistaken).  Much to my chagrin, she proudly boasted that was the only marketing she had ever done – all her business for years and years could be traced to a single, well placed press release.

Times have changed and delivery systems have changed – but press releases and stories about your project remain as meaningful to the reader (and browser and viewers) as ever.   Work with a professional to plan an effective Public Relations Program for your showroom.


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