Lay Down Your Bets

April 23, 2011

Tomorrow I leave for KBIS in Las Vegas… I truly enjoy the city, well the strip. Of the dozens of times I have been to Las Vegas over the years, I have left the strip one time (not counting the convention center) – to experience Fremont Street.  Give me Roulette, Blackjack and the occasional Slots… and I am a happy camper for a few days.

However, this trip to Las Vegas will be different from my past adventures – this time I will be gambling for real.  For the first time I, along with my partner in The Kitchen & Bath Channel, have a booth at KBIS (C5627).

We are betting that The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App is the perfect marketing partner for the kitchen and bath professional looking for an affordable way to market themselves. This unique marketing tool literally puts the kitchen and bath professional into the hands of the consumer while they are out shopping.

Imagine if you could show your potential customer your location on a map with turn by turn directions, links to your website and email, an auto-dial phone feature, the ability to be instantaneously added to your customer’s contact file AND a way to display project photos and videos on a Smart Phone all for only $300 a YEAR or less?!   We are betting you’ll jump on it!

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App

And the consumer feedback we are getting is great!

Important Links:

About The Kitchen & Bath Channel

Download the iPhone App

Download the Android App

Kitchen & Bath Channel Video Overview

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Facebook Page – “Like” us

Blackberry App is under review and coming soon

Our Booth @ KBIS is C5627


Marketing Innovation

April 16, 2011

In the time and place we find ourselves, we are all struggling to bring in business.  What is our competitive advantage, what will give us the edge over our peers in attracting customers?

I don’t know the answer for every Kitchen & Bath Professional out there – if I did, I’d have that fortune we aspire to.

But I will tell you this – to stay a step ahead of the competition you need INNOVATION – you need to think beyond your competition, originate, and establish the new reality for your market.

I did.  And my innovation can help your next client find you.

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App

I am talking about The Kitchen & Bath Channel.  Together with my partner, Max Isley, CMKBD, we developed the Kitchen and Bath Industry’s first Smart Phone app that puts you in the palm of your customers’ hands WHILE they are out shopping – Literally!

Have a Droid?  Download your FREE App now to try it out.  When you love it, give it a 5 Star review!

Have an iPhone or Blackberry?  The apps are in the review process and will be available within days.

Our subscribers have the opportunity to stand out from their competition!  Subscribe yourself at The Kitchen & Bath Channel

Visit The Kitchen & Bath Channel @ KBIS – Booth C5627

Learn more about Z promotion & design @

The Week That it Was

March 26, 2011

Yesterday not a soul on the planet (or beyond) visited my blog.  It’s not the first time, but it just seemed weird.  Perhaps, because it coincided with other “slumps”.

  • visits were at a monthly low.  Did the kitchen and bath industry take the day off from Marketing concerns and I missed the memo?
  • Duke lost in the Sweet 16 – and for the huge Duke fan that I am, it was very abrupt and quite unexpected – shocking actually.  Slump-inducing for us fans?  Is there a shrink in the house?
  • It was the week I officially sent Internet Explorer packing for draining too many resources from my computer – welcome Chrome… I am still getting use to your idiosyncrasies, but “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”  – as Rick said to Louis walking into the foggy night at the end of Casablanca.
  • …and this morning, to top it all off – I have nothing to say in my blog, as you can tell.

Some days, some weeks are like that… but as Harry Chapin so aptly said in his song “Greyhound” – “It’s got to be the going, not the getting there that’s good.  That’s a thought for keeping, if I could”

So each little slump over the past couple of days is a part of life’s ups and downs and as I think about it, each slump was countered by a highlight –

  • visits are exceeding expectations and it isn’t officially “ready for prime-time” yet.
  • Since I switched to Chrome, my computer hasn’t locked up… b-bye IE
  • Yet still nothing can salvage the NCAA Tournament for me… EXCEPT my schedule has freed-up, as I am no longer tethered to CBS, TBS, TNT & TruTV… whoever wins this year, wins …please… just don’t let it be UNC – again!  (that little sentence just assured them an NCAA Championship… UNC fans – thank me later).

So perhaps you will read my blog, visit, subscribe to The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App and with a bit of luck the Apps will find their way to the apps stores this week and Kyrie Irving will forgo millions of dollars to stay at Duke [at least] one more year…  then maybe, just maybe next week’s posting will not be so maudlin.


Make plans to stop by the Kitchen & Bath Channel booth at KBIS (Booth C5627) and say hello!

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