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June 26, 2011

Are you ready for the re-discovery of TV… or more accurately the re-emergence of Video?  There was time the kitchen and bath industry shied away from video, because TV was the only platform for displaying your images – and it was an expensive proposition.  As video technology improved, costs came down and potential delivery systems increased, more kitchen and bath professionals turned to video loops in showrooms, home shows, DVDs for potential clients and for some – the Internet.  Today there is no excuse to ignore marketing with video.  Online video is growing at astonishing rates…

Here are some stats to get your heart pumping (according to Media Recruiting Group)

During the month of May 2011 –
YouTube:  8,860,520,000 total video streams were logged during the month of May for an increase of 1.3% over the previous month.  And if that is not mind boggling enough, the average American spent 2 hours and 31 minutes on YouTube during the month.  Add to that another 135,168,000 video streams on Facebook and you’re looking at a lot of potential exposure for your kitchen and bath business.

And allow me the latitude to make a prediction from my crystal ball… Christmas 2011 will see the opening salvos of the Google TV vs Apple TV battle for your eyeballs.  And those “TVs” will be pulling videos from the likes of YouTube and Facebook to your [traditional] TV set.

So, how can you capitalize on this explosion?   Simple – Get in the Game!

  1. Professional Photography – all those high-quality, professionally shot photographs you published in magazines make excellent high-definition videos.  See The Royal Cabinet Company video on The Kitchen & Bath Channel.
  2. Professional Videographer – as with photography, don’t try to save a few bucks shooting your showroom, your project or yourself by yourself.  Take a look at this video on The Kitchen & Bath Channel from Roomscapes in Laguna Niguel, CA to see what a professional videographer can do.
  3. Pre-Production – before you begin any shoot have scripts and shot sheets ready for a variety of video projects, it will save you time and money.
  4. TV Commercials – marketing on TV or Cable has been very effective for kitchen and bath professionals in this economy.  When you shoot the commercial, be sure to shoot a lot of extra “B-roll” that you can edit later for additional commercials or other projects (see #3 above).
  5. Online Video Portals  – take advantage of existing video destinations online for displaying your videos such as:

When you consider the number of places you can showcase your video, your marketing investment becomes very affordable.

If you have a video you want to display on The Kitchen & Bath Channel (YouTube), contact me and we’ll post it on the channel.  If you need video, would like some clarification about using video in your marketing plan, we are available to assist – just contact us.


How to Attract Kitchen & Bath Customers in Today’s Economy

June 4, 2011

How to Attract Kitchen & Bath Customers in Today’s Economy.


December 4, 2010

During the course of the past week, two of my clients made similar “out of the blue” comments – “let’s look at how we can better assimilate the iPad into our marketing program.”  

Now, as an early iPhone adopter, I look at the iPad as an overgrown iPhone and didn’t run out to purchase the first generation – in fact I was under the misguided impression I could go through life without an iPad – I am mistaken.

Both clients intend to create photo galleries of their kitchens, baths and other design and remodeling projects, displaying  them proudly during sales calls – utilizing the iPad as many of us use a photo album or PowerPoint  today. 

In addition, one client is concerned that the Flash elements and Flash video on his site are not visible on the iPad – Apple and Adobe may never come to terms over this travesty of egos that hurts us all.  We are changing all the Flash to “less compelling” animations.  However, his complete site is now visible to all – on all platforms… he can easily go from showing his slideshow of kitchen and bath projects to his website, without embarrassment.   

As you look into your 2011 integrated marketing plans and budgets, consider the iPad, as well as mobile marketing as real opportunities.  As always, Z promotion & design is just a phone call (9119-932-4600) or email away if you are looking for marketing assistance.

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The Kitchen & Bath Channel: An Update

August 21, 2010

It’s been about month since I launched the Kitchen and Bath Channel on YouTube and I want to revisit the concept with the specific intention of gaining additional subscribers and a larger selection of videos.   So, if you are in the kitchen and bath industry, or know consumers who love watching HGTV, DIY and the Food Network please pass the blog along to them – let’s test the viral capabilities of the Internet!

Since July 24, the Kitchen & Bath Channel has received a total of 769 visits with 442 videos viewed; that’s just over 27 visits and almost 16 views each day… not too shabby, but we can do better.  We have 13 videos from 7 different companies, and are being found primarily through links to the page and YouTube searches.

The Concept: The Kitchen & Bath Channel is a destination for consumers looking for designers, ideas, innovations, new products and more.  The intent of the Kitchen & Bath Channel on YouTube is to collect an array of kitchen and bath industry related videos – from showrooms, designers, manufacturers, and more to “whet the appetite” of the consumer.  The more videos we have, the easier we will be found!  As the Kitchen & Bath Channel gains popularity, all participants will benefit.

…enter Google TV… as Google TV takes hold in the coming months, The Kitchen & Bath Channel will be live in living rooms throughout the US, Canada and the world!  Wouldn’t you like to be part of that?

Visit The Kitchen & Bath Channel to subscribe.  If you have a video to add, contact me directly (  If you need some assistance producing a video for the channel, Z promotion & design can work with you on that too – email or call me (919-932-4600).

But most importantly, pass this information along to your friends…  I’ll give you updates in coming weeks.

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Who Owns It?

July 31, 2010

I had an interesting conversation this week with a couple of professional photographers.  As kitchen and bath design professionals, you may or may not be aware of the [potential] complexity of copyright rules and your rights to use professionally shot photographs – so a couple of “rules of thumb”… And I encourage any and all professional photographers to add to the discussion.

  1. Typically, photographers retain ownership of the photographs they shoot. 
  2. When you pay for them, you are licensing the images for your own marketing and self-promotion.
  3. Talk to your photographer about how you intend to use your photographs to be sure your intentions do not infringe on copyright laws.
  4. If a third party (cabinet manufacturer, trade association, supplier) wants to use your design, and therefore photography for marketing their product, DO NOT supply it – put the third party in touch with the photographer, as they will likely have to compensate the photographer.
  5. Professional photographers are professionals… like you.  Support them by providing credit on your marketing materials, including links to their website from yours.
  6. Professional photography is the “life blood” of kitchen and bath marketing – from Facebook to YouTube to your brochures and beyond!

Are you in need of a professional photographer for your architectural designs?  I can recommend these –

Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography –

Chipper Hatter Photography –

Ray Strawbridge Photography –

A Picture is Worth…

July 3, 2010

I am often asked “where should I spend my marketing dollars to get the greatest return?”  My pat answer is “it depends”.  …and it does.  It depends upon your geography, your target market, your budget and all the other key elements a professional marketer considers when developing a marketing plan.  But, I always recommend that you spend money on professional photography… and I will amend that to include videography, as well.

The advent of the digital camera has everyone considering themselves a “professional photographer”.  They are wrong.  I spend more time relighting (to the best of my ability) and straightening photographs my clients have taken themselves.  These are photographs that they intend to place on their websites, in print ads, on TV commercials and in other marketing venues to highlight their skills as designers and remodelers.  In many cases, all the images do is distract from the design while highlighting an inability to shoot a quality photograph.  Spring for the additional cash outlay to have your photographs taken by professionals, it’s worth the investment. 

If you have quality images, consider the ways you can employ them in your showroom marketing.  On your website, your Facebook page, in TV commercials, YouTube postings, showroom presentations, vehicle signage, showroom photos, print ads, printed and electronic collateral materials and frankly, anywhere a picture is worth a thousand words and can highlight your skills as a kitchen and bath design professional.

And video… with the advent of Google TV, the popularity of YouTube and the ease at which video can be accessed online and via mobile apps, consider hiring a professional to videotape walk-throughs of your favorite projects, your showroom, a difficult installation – well, you get the point. 

Remember, you see a lawyer when you need a legal advice, you see a doctor for medical help, you hope your clients come to you for your expertise as a kitchen and bath designer/remodeler – seek a professional for your photography, videography and marketing!

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