Have you met xobni?

January 28, 2011

Every now and then I run across something that excites me… Xobni is one of those things.  A client turned me on to it a day or so ago, but apparently it’s been around for a while – just under my radar. 

Xobni, which is inbox spelled backwards, is a free add-on to Outlook (also a paid version, but I haven’t discovered the value of a purchase… yet).

It has been loaded on my computer for about 48 hours, so I don’t yet know the full extent of its capabilities, but Xobni already does enough to warrant some excitement.

  • Search for an email – type a topic and it will locate all emails with your query – faster than outlook
  • Search for an individual – it will find them in your contacts, and your messages
  • Schedule a meeting with the click of a mouse… Xobni reads your schedule and prepares an email with potential meeting times
  • Incoming email – when an email arrives from anyone you automatically see the following:
  1. All emails with that individual, all files/attachments exchanged and people in his/her network
  2. You also get a profile of the sender including all email addresses, phone numbers, Skype information, statistics about your interactions such as how many incoming and outgoing messages, where they rank in frequency of all interactions with all contact, etc.
  3. Plus …and this is where it becomes a great marketing tool… 
  • LinkedIn – you can see if the contact is part of LinkedIn and if not you can link directly from the application
  • Facebook – the same
  • Twitter,  Hoovers, YouTube, Flickr and more social networking connects are part of the application.

If you use it… let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks.  If you have the $30 upgrade… was it worth the additional expense – after all every penny counts these days.  Let’s  use this blog to communicate and talk about this product.  In the meantime, as I learn more I’ll post the info here.


Back Up

November 20, 2010

What a week it has been!  After two days out of the office at very fulfilling client meetings, I returned to find my hard drive dying a slow, painful death.  Well, that put a crimp in a week that was once filled with promise.  Two days with tech support (very helpful Dell Techs out of Nashville!)… two days reloading software and hopefully not too many additional hours getting my system back to where it was – you know, all those preferences you create over time, get used to and can’t live wihtout. 

Think about it, can you afford to take three or four days off unexpectedly?  Regardless of your profession – in the kitchen and bath industry or not, here are some ideas to help keep your sanity when (not IF, but WHEN) your computer crashes.

Keep [multiple] active, up-to-date back ups.  Whether it is to on-site hard drives, or through an online service, it is a necessity.  Client files, databases, and other files are obvious… but also consider

  • Your “document and settings” folders (Windows).  Copy your profile, as well as the others available to you – a number of preferences are stored here.
  • If you use Outlook… a current pst file.
  • Keep your music, video, photos on your hard drive?  500GB portable drive should be must for these files.
  • Maintain a list of applications that you use infrequently, but you’d miss if they were missing? 
  • Keep a list of usernames and passwords that your browsers remember for you?
  • Software programs typically require registration information – be sure you have that information handy.

Knowing where to find your back up information, will make your computer disaster a bit more palatable.   And one more thought to consider… keep an older computer (perhaps a laptop) in good working order, so while you are recreating your primary computer, you are not 100% “out of pocket” – only about 80%!


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