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July 30, 2011

When we first conceived of the Kitchen & Bath Channel Smartphone App it was based on a simple scenario that all kitchen and bath professionals have experienced.

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A customer arrives at your showroom having just left your competition (or a big box) because it wasn’t the “right fit”.  They are in the mood to buy and you got lucky because they “somehow” arrived at your front door!

What if you could direct customers to your front door WHILE they are out shopping?  Through the Kitchen & Bath Channel Smartphone App, all kitchen and bath professionals within a 50 mile radius of the customer’s exact location appear on the map.  With the touch of an icon (for the featured listings) the customer has access to your website, to auto-dial your phone number, step-by-step Google map directions to your front door, samples of your projects and more!

The apps have been available since late April.  Downloads and session times grow daily.  Current and prospective subscribers love the concept, but often times ask questions that send us researching stats (see “Getting Your Share of $150 Million” and “Using Today’s Technology to Reach Today’s Customer“) – such was the case again this past week when a prospective Platinum subscriber asked the question, “Are people really using smartphones while they are out shopping?”

Here is what I found:

The website Digby, in an overview of Mobile Commerce Stats validated our assumptions.

  • 46% of consumers have used their phone to get product information while in a store
  • 56% of people believed mobile can make the shopping experience more enjoyable
  • 34% of mobile shoppers make $100,000 or more a year
  • 58% of mobile shoppers are ages 18-34; according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University this demographic (under 35 year olds) accounted for almost $12.5 billion in total expenditures with remodeling professionals during 2009.
  • 31% of consumers research a product on their mobile device before buying it in-store
  • Within the 49% of mobile users who have made a mobile purchase in the last six months
    • 84% look for local retailer information
    • 73% find a specific manufacturer or product website
    • 63% search before purchasing in a store or from a catalog
    • Among smartphone owners 38% prefer using a mobile application
    • Mobile commerce showed 86% year-over-year growth from 2010 to 2011

While kitchen and bath professionals understand that buying a new kitchen is not something you can click and purchase from a mobile phone, the conditioning of the consumer to turn to their smartphone for shopping is clearly on the rise.

The Kitchen & Bath Channel provides the kitchen and bath professional an easy and cost effective entrée to the world of mobile research, shopping and Generation Y – those born after 1975. 

For as little as $200 a year, the Kitchen & Bath Channel keeps up with the expanding technology and its implementation in marketing your business, so you can concentrate on designing kitchens and bathrooms!


Getting Your Share of $150 Million!

July 23, 2011

I was speaking with a Platinum subscriber to The Kitchen & Bath Channel the other day about the potential market for the app. I immediately sent him to my previous blog (Using Today’s Technology to Reach Today’s Customer). He stopped me and said he understands the potential to reach the younger generation(s) that’s why he was an early subscriber, but he wants to know what does it mean to him – in his community – in dollars and cents… so we did some math.

The iPhone and Android apps were released in time for KBIS (BlackBerry a week or so later), so they have been in use for roughly 90 days. Through today, there have been a total (on all three apps) of 6,117 sessions. A session is defined as one use by the end user – typically from launch to termination of the program.

Let’s assume that 5000 of the sessions are legitimate (an individual using the app for its intended purpose – to locate a kitchen and bath or remodeling professional), and let’s further assume that the average cost of a kitchen remodel is $30,000 (his figure for his business).

5,000 searches x $30,000 = $150,000,000 of potential kitchen remodel business is using the app nationwide.

If we agree that there are roughly 30 major metro areas and divide $150 million by 30 we find that in each metro area there is $5,000,000 of potential business using the app over the past 90 days.

Divide that $5 million by the 90 days the apps have been live and there is about $55,000 – a kitchen AND a bath remodel floating around you EVERY DAY!

Our subscriber was thrilled. And was surprised and pleased that he was the only Platinum subscriber in his market – to quote him “Spending $300 to stand out from my competition in this economic environment in a fight for 5 million dollars – this marketing concept is a no-brainer! Nothing personal Phil, but for my sake I hope you don’t get any more subscribers in my market!”

I don’t typically use this blog as a sales tool, but the excitement and buzz around The Kitchen & Bath Channel is growing exponentially daily – our Twitter followers hit 500 in less than a week… and mostly from people I didn’t connect to first!

Click for some articles –

Click for additional information –

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Website – with links to the apps

Using Today’s Technology to Reach Today’s Customer

July 16, 2011

The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University recently released their latest study of the home remodeling industry entitled “A New Decade of Growth for Remodeling – Improving America’s Housing”

I look forward to this report because it gives our industry a great snapshot of the recent past and a glimpse into the next few years.

A couple of stats from the latest report that stand out:

In 2009: Heads of household, under 45 years old accounted for 31.28% of homeowners reporting remodeling projects and accounting for over $59 billion dollars spent!  …during the recession.   These figures account for those who hired professionals and not the Do-it-Yourselfers.

The Projection for 2015 for this same age demographic, including all homeowners (minority and non-minority) indicates an average growth of 3.9% in compound annual growth rate on average per owner spending.

Overlay those remodeling statistics with some about smart phone usage from Nielsen (April 2011)

  • Thirty-six percent of U.S. mobile consumers now have smartphones.  Add to that the latest stats from Online Marketing Trends (June 2011) that in the US 48.7% of smartphone owners are between the ages of 25 and 44.  While another 27.5% are 45+.
  • Consumers with Apple iOS (iPhone) and Google Android OS mobile phones represent the majority of the smartphone market in the U.S. and 74 percent of mobile app downloaders
  • App downloaders with Apple iOS and Android OS smartphones have more applications on their mobile phones than those with other kinds of smartphones, with an average of 48 apps on iPhones and 35 apps on Android phones. (By comparison, app downloaders with Blackberry RIM smartphones only had an average of 15 apps on their phones.)
  • They also use their apps more often: 68 percent of app downloaders with iPhones and 60 percent of those with Android phones reported using their mobile apps multiple times a day compared to 45 percent of app downloaders with Blackberry/RIM phones.

Savvy Kitchen & Bath Professionals need to begin to use the latest technologies to reach their current and upcoming generation(s) of customers.  The Kitchen & Bath Channel was created to do just that.

Your primary benefit from your association with The Kitchen & Bath Channel is to make your marketing program technologically current and to keep you on the cutting edge!   Your job is to design beautiful kitchens and baths, ours is to watch emerging technologies for your marketing benefits.

Become an early adopter and jump on board for as little as $200 a year!

“Help Me Market My Kitchen & Bath Business”

June 10, 2011

It’s the cry I hear almost every day from every kitchen and bath professional calling my office, emailing, texting or otherwise messaging me via social networking.

My previous post touched on the subject through its discussion of Integrated Marketing – leveraging traditional and new technology with social networking to drive traffic… this posting is going to give you concrete, real-life solutions that will help drive traffic.  But remember, the essence of the last post is that no single effort is the magic bullet.  But rather, it is how you integrate your media and marketing options together to most effectively drive your message to the consumer.

  • Competitive Advantage – there is no need to go any further until you understand and establish your competitive advantage in your marketplace for your business and your target market.
  • Messaging – once you know your competitive advantage, what is your message exploiting that advantage?  Does it resonate with your target market?

With your competitive advantage and your messaging secure – how will you get the message out?

  • Television / Cable – this is probably the most cost effective and efficient way to reach your customer and it is more affordable than you’re thinking.
  • Video Production – doing TV? You’re going to need a commercial.  Again not as expensive as you are imagining plus consider the other uses – YouTube, your website, Facebook, in your Showroom, on your iPad for client visits, you are only limited by your imagination… and technology.
  • Social Media – it works… but you better have a plan, know what sites you will use and understand both the positives and negatives.
  • Local Banner Ads – local newspapers, magazines, cable companies, TV stations all offer some sort of advertising on their websites – take advantage to drive traffic to your website…but first, make sure your website is ready for the traffic and ready to be your best salesperson!
  • The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App it’s a little over a month old, but is quickly gaining traction and has been proven to work for a San Francisco dealer.  It’s priced right too.

These are some of the solutions I have seen work throughout the country.  They are certainly worth your serious consideration.  And, now is the time to get your plan together.  You need to be ready to blanket your market with your message for the fall!  Whether you choose to retain Z promotion & design, or just want to talk about options – I am usually easy to catch at the office 919-932-4600 – 8a-6p EDT.

An App with a Marketing ROI

May 28, 2011

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App is a FREE app providing homeowners and consumers instant access to over 15,000 Kitchen & Bath industry professionals from their smart phone.  It is also a unique and effective marketing tool for members of the Kitchen & Bath industry.

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App has been available for a little over a month on Android and iPhone, less on the BlackBerry platform.  It has been exceeding expectations… some stats…

  • The iPhone version has quickly received a “5 Star” rating in the iTunes Store
  • There are already 650 users who have used it almost 5,000 times.
  • iPhone users spend an average of  1.5 minutes using the app; 1.9 sessions per day
  • Droid users spend an average of 1 minute using the app; 1.7 sessions per day

…and received the following testimonial:

“I purchased the Platinum subscription for the new Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App for my San Francisco showroom.  It’s a new marketing concept using cutting edge technology and within the first month, it brought in a lead we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  I think the Kitchen & Bath Channel is the right idea at the right price.  This appears to be where marketing is heading and I want Gilmans Kitchens + Baths to be in the forefront!”

Larry Lowenthal
Gilmans Kitchens + Baths

If you are a kitchen and bath professional and want to see real results from your marketing investment, like Larry visit The Kitchen & Bath Channel website.

If you are a homeowner considering a kitchen or bath remodel, and want to being your search from the geo-locator services of the app or just learn more, visit the website too.

Lay Down Your Bets

April 23, 2011

Tomorrow I leave for KBIS in Las Vegas… I truly enjoy the city, well the strip. Of the dozens of times I have been to Las Vegas over the years, I have left the strip one time (not counting the convention center) – to experience Fremont Street.  Give me Roulette, Blackjack and the occasional Slots… and I am a happy camper for a few days.

However, this trip to Las Vegas will be different from my past adventures – this time I will be gambling for real.  For the first time I, along with my partner in The Kitchen & Bath Channel, have a booth at KBIS (C5627).

We are betting that The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App is the perfect marketing partner for the kitchen and bath professional looking for an affordable way to market themselves. This unique marketing tool literally puts the kitchen and bath professional into the hands of the consumer while they are out shopping.

Imagine if you could show your potential customer your location on a map with turn by turn directions, links to your website and email, an auto-dial phone feature, the ability to be instantaneously added to your customer’s contact file AND a way to display project photos and videos on a Smart Phone all for only $300 a YEAR or less?!   We are betting you’ll jump on it!

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App

And the consumer feedback we are getting is great!

Important Links:

About The Kitchen & Bath Channel

Download the iPhone App

Download the Android App

Kitchen & Bath Channel Video Overview

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Facebook Page – “Like” us

Blackberry App is under review and coming soon

Our Booth @ KBIS is C5627

Marketing Innovation

April 16, 2011

In the time and place we find ourselves, we are all struggling to bring in business.  What is our competitive advantage, what will give us the edge over our peers in attracting customers?

I don’t know the answer for every Kitchen & Bath Professional out there – if I did, I’d have that fortune we aspire to.

But I will tell you this – to stay a step ahead of the competition you need INNOVATION – you need to think beyond your competition, originate, and establish the new reality for your market.

I did.  And my innovation can help your next client find you.

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Smart Phone App

I am talking about The Kitchen & Bath Channel.  Together with my partner, Max Isley, CMKBD, we developed the Kitchen and Bath Industry’s first Smart Phone app that puts you in the palm of your customers’ hands WHILE they are out shopping – Literally!

Have a Droid?  Download your FREE App now to try it out.  When you love it, give it a 5 Star review!

Have an iPhone or Blackberry?  The apps are in the review process and will be available within days.

Our subscribers have the opportunity to stand out from their competition!  Subscribe yourself at The Kitchen & Bath Channel

Visit The Kitchen & Bath Channel @ KBIS – Booth C5627

Learn more about Z promotion & design @

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